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The Log of the Molly B' Liffey Press 2012

This acclaimed book tells the story of Molly B the 30 foot ketch which Pete Hogan built and sailed around the world by way of the famous Cape Horn. He is one of only two Irish sailors to have rounded this fearsome cape single handed. He also describes how Molly B sank in the Mediterranean and how he was lucky to survive. The book contains over 100 colour illustrations by Pete.

The Artist on the Island' Liffey Press 2013

This was the follow up to the Log of the Molly B, describing how Pete Hogan tried homesteading on Achillbeg Island in the West of Ireland. He attempts to exist on his creative output in harsh, challenging conditions and describes how it all goes a bit pear shaped. Along the way there are many tangential comments on Pete's contemporaries and influences. This is a companion volume to the Log of the Molly B and again, has over 100 colour illustrations.


Written by Arthur McKeown and illustrated in black and white by Pete Hogan, this little easy reader for children has become a best seller. Published by Poolbeg in 1994 it is still in print 20 years later. All these books are available on Amazon or from your local bookshop.